A Smell of De Light Speaks A Thousand Words

Our luxury scented candles are more than just aromatic soy wax in pretty little jars. They contain amazing stories and wonderful experiences that will unfold before you. Each candle jar is sealed with an elegant rose gold lid, ready to burst forth its exquisite scents and captivate you with their magic upon a strike of the match.

What’s more, you can personalise the label of your chosen candle with your own message and surprise your loved one.

You can also enjoy a new scented candle each month when you join our Candle Club!

Choose your perfect candle from our full collection.

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SGD 36.00
A sunlit wonderland filled with blooming dainty and delicate wild roses sure does exist. Even if you can’t be there physically, it doesn’t mean you can’t experience it. Musky and refreshing with an intensely crisp...
SGD 40.00
Exotically refreshing with nuances of citrus and vanilla, our ylang ylang candle will greet your nose with its sweet, balmy and soothing scent so invigorating that you feel like swimming in a tub full of yellow ylang...
SGD 36.00
Sweet as vanilla, warm as lavender, strong as spice. Fused with a woody fragrant blend of pepper, citrus and smoky tobacco, our spiced bergamot candle will bring out the soft, strong and steady side of you. Who needs...
SGD 36.00
The sweet, tart and decadent taste of fluffy lemon cake topped with buttercream is one of life’s most guilty pleasures. Now, you can arouse those senses for hours with our irresistible lemon meringue candle. Be...
SGD 40.00
Like its ripe and plum fruit, our apricot candle has a scent that is sweet, tart and intense. One sniff of this fruity fragrance will entice you to take many generous bites of the real, juicy apricot fruit itself....
Twin Bundle Twin Bundle Twin Bundle
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SGD 68.40 SGD 72.00
Enjoy 5% discount with this 2-in-a-box combination. Especially popular as gifts for engagements, weddings, welcoming member(s) to the family and housewarmings. Suitable for any other occasions too! Can be enjoyed by...
SGD 15.00
An essential tool for your candle care routine & also perfect as a complete gift set! Trimming your candle wick prior to every lighting up of your candle will ensure a cleaner and longer lasting burn. The angled...
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